Shop Hopping
This video was recorded with a Smart Phone at our booth at the Houston Quilt Festival by Nova Montgomery. It turned out quite well!

Star and Plume
Thanks to Charlene Chumley from Nacogdoches Texas for this video of me singing the song with the quilt!  From our show there in November 2015.

100 Ways to Hide Your Stash
Made by Eleanor Burns from "Quilt in a Day" and it's hilarious!  Over 183,000 views!

You Can Quilt That Out
My friend Mavis Rosbach from Quiltbird Studio has posted a video of my song "You Can Quilt That Out", pictures provided by her.  It's hilarious! (Over 100,000 people have viewed this so far.)

Why Don't You Have Plain White?
From the show "Great Canadian Shop Hop" on YouTube (over 23,000 views!)



Quilt of Belonging - and pictures from Sisters Quilt Festival 2014
Sandy Jensen has put together a collection of photos she took at the Sisters Quilt Festival this year (2014) and set it to my song "Quilt of Belonging".  It turned out very well.

A Compilation from SCQuilters Retreat in Townsville, Queensland
Liz Aitken has put together a selection of songs we sang at the Southern Cross Quilters' Retreat (Australia) in June 2012.  If you'd like to hear snippets of songs, try this one out!

Scrap Bag Polka
Recorded by a student in Belgium during a Mock Mola class, 2010

A song for Alzheimers - Houston Quilt Festival 2010
 I help out Ami Simms when I can.  Her Alzheimer's Art Quilts Initiative has donated thousands of dollars to find a cure for this horrible disease.  One of the ways I can contribute is to be a "Vanna" at her booth at Houston.  When I'm there, and wearing the "cupcake tiara" (my favourite!) anyone who buys a little quilt will get a song written and sung for them on the spot.  Ami recorded this one and I'm so glad she did.

I Need Another Wagga live performance
Here's a video that was taken at European Patchwork in September of 2011 in France.  We were singing "I Need Another Wagga" about 50 feet away from Annette Gero's collection of waggas from Australia.

A video report from Victoria's "Fibrations" festival in August 2011
From the Times Colonist newspaper.