Students’ Work

Mock Mola Appliqué Class

The last class of the last driving tour (November 2016) was in Calgary at My Sewing Room.  I shall miss being able to teach this class so often in our travels! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all my students’ work over the years.

Here’s the group shot of my class in Erie PA.
What creativity – there were a few of them who decided to use more than one colour,
and one was double-sided (and very nearly finished in class!)

Here are the two sides of Karon’s piece – same design, different fabric and cutting.

I taught the Mock Mola class in Burlington Ontario in October 2016.
I am constantly amazed at the designs everyone brings in to do!
Aren’t they beautiful?

Here’s the class from Colorado Springs in September 2016.
It’s always great to teach this class IN a quilt shop!

I just received these three pictures from one of my students from the Miami class earlier in 2016. Sr Clare has been very busy with this technique since I was there!
In these pieces, she has added metallic threads, appliqué, extra layers of fabric, and fancy quilting stitches.

The first class of our last Big Driving tour was in Steamboat Springs Colorado.
A small class, but everyone was together at every stage of the work, and they all got finished by the end of class!

We flew up to Palmer Alaska in July 2016 for a quick visit.
The Valley Quilters’ Guild did some lovely Mock Mola pieces during class at the Railway station!